K-Ci and JoJo “Come Clean” on TV One -Oct.19th 9pm EST

The 1990’s hottest singers, brothers K-Ci and Jojo,  from the R&B group Jodeici will let the world into their ‘out of the scene’ lives on Oct. 19th. K-Ci and Jojo will air their first reality show on the TV One Network called, “Come Clean”.
It’s a nine-episode ‘docu-series’ that will follow every move of the famous two R&B crooners. This show is an attempt to help change and ultimately save their lives. They have both been fighting against the same demons of alcoholism for years. They will let us all see how they live and how they will respond to the medical treatments and spiritual guidance that will hopefully turn their lives and careers around. Brothers Cedric “K-Ci” Hailey and Joel “JoJo” Hailey will be living together in order to heal from this habit that has destroyed their careers. TV One says:
“Raw and real, Come Clean is an emotional roller coaster that affirms the amazing power of the human mind, faith, and love. Watch the fascinating, triumphant return of the group that is credited with saving the R&B music genre. Back stronger and better than ever. “- TV One

We have to say this was one of the best male R&B groups ever!! They could sing so well it would just blow your mind. We sure miss them and hope they keep their visions alive!

This seems to be interesting though we are sure it may be so real that it could shock some people into never getting addicted to anything EVER!!

Watch the preview of  show HERE at TV One!

Let’s take it back to one of their biggest hits with Jodeci