Bishop Long Defaulted on a $1.9 million Debt for a Gym- UPDATE!

Bishop Long seems to be having some other troubles besides the four lawsuits against him for sexually coercing four young men as teen. Today, Dekalb County courts have papers that state Long and two other business partners owe on a $1.9 million dollar debt to the West Indies Holding Company” for the purchase of a gym. The reported that this debt stems from an August 2007 suit.

The suit is for a property loan in Georgia  and ‘Big money Long’ and the others are being sued to pay off this $1.9 million debt in 10 days or be indebted to the loan, interest and attorney’s fees in court.

More things may come to surface on the New Birth camp because this is just how it goes. When one thing comes up, then its all hell breaking loose thereafter.

UPDATE: We now know from CBS Atlanta that the gym was located in Jonesboro, Ga, right outside of Atlanta. The other two business partners are now named as Marrion Heflin and Frederick Folson and they had planned to buy ‘Hoops N’ Fitness’ in Jonesboro back in 2007. The seller states the debt had never been paid.  But now get this: Marrion Heflen stated to CBS that “the suit is not about him but about Long.” Wow! Heflen has some beef with the bishop.  The really bad news is there are business owners who are leasing space in the building  and they say they are caught in the middle of this big mess and dispute. They are now sure what to do next.