Can We Compare Bishop Eddie Long to This COGIC Minister Who Molested Young Boys?

For years, the Church of God in Christ has been having undercover cases of child molestation while they have wandered away from holiness, fellow-shipping with all denominations and excepting their unholy ways and embracing hip-hip music.  There are no boundaries in COGIC, just like New Birth Missionary Baptist Church, a money making industry of bringing the nightclub into the church and there has been denial that this is most likely the reason for extreme lust toward children, although child molestation has been going on for decades within COGIC and the baptist church (and various other denominations), before this worldly age of gospel music; however, the loose ways of dressing and seductive dancing have caused a lot of worse situations of perversion.   You may say, how can our journalists tie COGIC into this? Simply, because Bishop Eddie Long, one of the greatest promoters of hip hop gospel is similar to this COGIC minister, Pastor Ronald Paige who was murdered after intoxicating a 20-year old homeless man with beer, then trying to strip him buck-naked and have sex.  Years prior, mothers who had teenage sons molested by Pastor Paige tried to go to the head of the Church of God in Christ and complain, but they did not listen and ignored the complaints.   Ronald Paige’s decomposed body was stinking up (foul odor) the apartment complex where he stayed and a neighbor called the police.  Neighbors also say Paige was always seen bringing up cases up beer to his apartment.

Even after the case of Pastor Ronald Paige’s murder, there yet have been several cases of child molestation in the Church of God and Christ and complaints are still being ignored by Bishop Charles Blake and top officials in the organization.   Why is it people wonder why the black community cannot seem to get themselves together in the 21st century?

For years, Bishop Eddie Long, like a lot of anti-gay ministers preached against homosexuality, got away with his hidden sexual lust with young men and people in the church have worshiped him and not God.

If these church people continue to say people are judging Bishop Eddie Long and refuse to admit he is wrong, he just may end up like Pastor Ronald Paige, and then, it will be too late.

Pastor Ronald Paige’s case was seen on national television, on The First 48.  This murder occurred a few years ago.

Watch this case of Pastor Ronald Paige on this You Tube video!

Ed Hardy