She Had it All Before Keyon Pittman: The Carla Hughes Murder Trial Updated

She Had it All Before Keyon Pittman: The Carla Hughes Murder Trial Updated

UPDATE:  Audio clip of Dateline’s Hoda interviewing Carla Hughes over the Phone at bottom of page.

She had it all. Carla Hughes was an out of the ordinary, highly accomplished child, teen and young adult. She excelled in horseback riding, beauty pageants, school council and so much more. Her parents’  home is filled with trophies and plagues of all of her accomplishments. They were and still are very proud of  the little girl they named ‘Carla’. She was adopted by a close relative who could not take care of her. Mr and Mrs Hughes did not have children of their own so they knew this was their opportunity to have a child and knew God was doing this for them.

Carla’s father Mr. Hughes wanted a son but they never had one or any other children before adopting their daughter. So, they named her after him Carla Hughes and his name is Carl Hughes. Carla was their pride and joy. She entered every club, society and contest and she excelled at every thing she touched. She was like a golden child. Both her parents were school teachers and rising to the top was just in her blood.

She graduated from high school and went on the college to not only receive her Bachelor’s degree but a Master’s degree as well. She was also on her way to receiving a Doctorate degree. She taught at a local elementary school where she was doing great things and was probably banking a lot of money. This young lady really had it all from a very young child to a young, black educated woman that was just barely achieving all of what God had in store for her life.

So, what happened? How could such an exuberant and vibrant woman as herself get caught up in a scandal of lies, sex and murder at the very peak of her life and career? None of us really know how she was involved to the full extent. We can only speculate from the evidence and circumstances surrounding the murder of her lover Keyon Pittman’s pregnant fiance’, Avis Banks.

Ok so Carla is smitten by this short, not so good looking guy named Keyon Pittman, who happens to be a teacher and coach at the same elementary middle school where she works. She most definitely could have done better than him. (I think we all could say that.)  So, they hit it off right away and though she knows at some point he shares a new home with his then pregnant fiance’ Avis Banks in nearby Ridgeland, Mississippi, she pursues a love affair despite the fact. She gives him a key to her condo and its all on and poppin’ as they say.

Then things get bad. We want to try and give a scenario of what we think happened: Carla’s getting really hooked on with this guy Keyon whose already attached and expecting  a child. We think that they played like many hopeless part time lovers do: “We were going to be together” and “I can’t live without you” type of drama. Keyon is not at all serious about her because apparently he is what Carla Hughes’ attorney called a “bonafied womanizer”. He was seeing all types of woman on the slide behind his fiance’ Avis’ back.

We think that Keyon, being this heavy “playa” didn’t really want the child or a fiance’. We think he used Carla because she was a woman who he could con into covering up for him. He used the gun she had for protection, stole her running shoes from her home and committed murder on his fiance’. Now others may say that he had an alibi and was at basketball practice the whole time. But a witness said he left the practice early so  he very well could have committed this murder on Avis Banks. The courts never used this fact into consideration.

We think he then gave the gun back to Carla to put away but somehow slipped the running shoes back in her closet. She then gives the gun back to her cousin whom owns it two days later. We think he wanted to frame her though she had no idea that was what he was going to do.  We think she gave him the gun because she knew what was going to happen. Also, we think he never intended on being a father, having Avis as a wife and of course used and never wanted Carla Hughes either. He only wanted to get out of marrying and fathering a child. He was able to use Carla not only as someone who would cover up for him but who he could blame the crime on. We think: HE’S A DIRTY DOG and nothing short of it!!

So now the question is: Why did Carla not EVER once say Keyon Pittman as the murderer? She never admitted she had anything to do with it or that she knew that he was involved in someway. She stayed absolutely silent through the whole interrogation and trial. She never once tried to save HERSELF!!

Why on God’s beautiful green earth did she and why does she still continue to deny any involvement in the murder of Avis Banks? We don’t think she did it but we feel she knew it was going to happen and she provided the weapon. Why? Because she wanted to be with Keyon. As long as she would deny any involvement, she felt safe.  But we bet you she NEVER in her wildest dreams thought her lover Keyon would turn on her in court! We bet she NEVER thought that if she stayed quiet and admitted nothing, that he would go free and SHE’D be stuck with the charges! We bet you she NEVER thought covering up for his heinous dirt would land her in prison for 2 life sentences.  Even when her attorney sent her a copy of the marriage certificate of Keyon marrying another woman while she sit in prison never seemed to phase her. She only said, “I’m not surprised”.

Well, even though we don’t think Carla Hughes is a cold blooded killer. We do think she made a pack with Keyon to never admit a thing and also personally she would never admit any involvement in front of everyone anyway. Do you know how she would look to her friends, community and especially her parents. Her parents raised her up right. She was encouraged and nurtured all of her life my her parents and to be the best at everything she did. She knew how she’d look to her beloved parents: as a stranger and possibly a monster. This, Ladies and Gentlemen, she would not forfeit her good name and character they all knew and loved. This she will take to the grave.

So, in conclusion: How does a well educated, accomplished woman like Carla Hughes get caught up in tangled web like this? Well, like many highly successful and educated people: They have the brains of Einstein but the other end of a donkey for smarts in the real world of love, relationships and conflicts of the heart. Some people just are brilliant by the books and dumb by personal life. They just don’t know how to pick and choose the right people for life partners.

Seems like she should have been a bit bourgeois as a southern education black woman. Seems like she could have married a mayor, councilman or governor if she really wanted. She definitely had the background and status to do so. We are not all blessed to accomplish all that she did and you never want to lose it all for a piece of dirt!  But she was weak at the knees for Keyon.

Well, we pray that Keyon gets what’s coming to him and is implemented in this murder and the truth comes out about who and all that were involved. But let all women take heed right NOW!!: No man, especially one that’s not yours anyway, take your life away from you.  No man or anyone is worth giving up your freedom and life. No one Ladies!

Also… Here’s the Audio clip of Dateline’s Hoda interviewing Carla Hughes over the Phone

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