7 Responses to “She Had it All Before Keyon Pittman: The Carla Hughes Murder Trial Updated”

  1. Malissa Maccarino says:

    There are only two truly infinite things, the universe and stupidity

  2. Mimi says:

    A real who done it… I just watched this story on Snapped, and he was on the stand trying to muster up tears, but none ever appeared. I just don’t understand why the lady wouldn’t rat him out like he did her.

  3. Thanks Mimi for commenting. We wonder the same thing. But hopefully with her time in prison, she will find the strength to do this soon enough. He should be implemented and serving time as well if he had involvement which seems to be very apparent here.

  4. Mandy Delion says:

    Carla and Keyon were middle school teachers and he and Avis shared a home in Ridgeland, MS. I believe that Keyon framed her for murder, but for some crazy reason she doesn’t want to implicate him. Even when Hoda asked Carla who do she thinks framed her, she said she didn’t know, when Keyon is the only person that would’ve had access to the gun and shoes. He also had a motive. He didn’t have any reason to call Avis’s mother out of concern for Avis like he said when his cellphone records showed that he only made two calls to her that whole day. The last thing is, I do agree with what you said about his alibi. Another thing that I’m not to clear on is the cellphone tracking by the towers. Does it only ping your location when you’re on it? If not, he could’ve easily left his phone at the school to go commit the murder, thus giving him an alibi; he seems to be a smart guy

  5. Thanks Mandy. You made some good points here. From what we were able to find out about mobile phone tracking is: if your phone is roaming in a particular area, a nearby cellphone tower will be signaled. A phone call is not required to emit this signal and can give an approximate vicinity of your whereabouts. So, the cell phone could have been with Keyon while he committed the murders and he never had to use it to be signaled as roaming in the vicinity.

  6. D says:

    I think people are off base…first of all if he didn’t want his fiance he wouldn’t have asked her to move with him to his new location…he wouldn’t have bought her the ring etc, there are many players out there (unfortunately) but it doesn’t make them all cold blooded killers…the person had such rage for this poor lady with cutting her throat after being shot and stabbing her after being shot that it appears more a fit of jealousy and sudden rage (which I do not think the fiance was capable of) but…….I think he knew as soon as he found his fiance on the floor in the condition she was in…I think he knew who was behind it which would explain his demeanor at being questioned…. for those who don’t think she did it, that simply doesn’t add up – the cell phone pings (her phone) was outside of their house during the time of the murder so how was she framed? Not buying too that he set her up to borrow a gun and a knife from the cousin (for protection supposedly) only to return it in a couple days minus 5 bullets…just because someone had a perfect upbringing and loving parents, straight A’s etc. doesn’t mean that internally everything is all peachy keen. I believe her fiance was guilty of being a slimeball and dirtbag and using women (probably his whole life) and saying a bunch of meaningless stuff to them which if done to someone emotionally not all there can and did have extreme dire consequences….

  7. Jay says:

    I agree with everything D says. It’s not rocket science. Carla is exactly where she belongs

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