Kirk Franklin: Is Money Worth Gospel Artists Now Selling Their Souls?

First look at this video and see why the church world has turned their music in to hip-hop and the secular movement.

See why various preachers worship gospel artists like Kirk Franklin.  You may ask why?   They are all members of the Illuminati movement.   A lot of ministers like Bishop T. D. Jakes, Bishop Eddie Long and Creflo Dollar, including Kirk Franklin have joined a satanic movement to gain massive wealth.   The average mega church today is the church of Satan and this is why Kirk Franklin gets a lot of attention for concert at their ministries.

UPDATE: The video has been removed by Youtube but we will update you when we find it again. Sorry for the inconvenience.

If you do a search on You Tube such as, “secret celebrity Illuminati or Freemason members, do not be surprised you see representing hand symbols of Satan.  This is just one video to show you why you should be careful who you pay tithes and offerings to.   You should also be careful when making a decision to visit or join a church.   In order for the government to stop cracking down on their tithes and offerings, they have yielded to their request to join the New World Order, Illuminati society like famous and rich people in the world.   The God they say they trust for wealth, they really have not trusted Him, instead they have secretly sold their souls to the Devil.

Now, you will discover why Kirk Franklin has been addicted to pornography and still enjoys interviews supposedly, regarding his redemption.   Now, you can understand why he and R. Kelly have been very close for years.

This video explains why whenever church attendees disagrees with the Hip-Hop movement in gospel music, popular pastors and bishops go into rage and publicly attack those opposed to hip-hop gospel music.


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15 Responses to “Kirk Franklin: Is Money Worth Gospel Artists Now Selling Their Souls?”

  1. clara says:

    good heavens!!! what has the world turned into?its so scary

  2. Mark says:

    It doesn’t surprise me that Kirk Franklin has sold his soul out for riches and fame simply because he is an entertainer.

  3. Yes! It’s just a shame that many of the gospel artists are now selling their souls to the very spirit they are supposed rejecting in their music. Pretty sad, but even Kirk Franklin can be truly saved if he surrenders. Thanks for your comments.

  4. destiny says:

    it looks to me like he’s holding up the peace sign not the illuminati sign… [Your comment was edited due to comment policy violation.]

  5. Destiny, we were not talking about the peace sign, we were talking about the other sign that is the Illuminati sign. Therefore, if you would study the Illuminati, then you would know what it is, before you get personal on this subject. As for this mix genre in gospel, it should only be gospel, nothing similar to the world, for the Bible says, ‘ Be Ye Holy, For I am Holy.-I Peter 1:16′Then, the Bible says ‘Love not the world neither the things that are in the world, he that loveth the world, the love of the Father is not in Him.-I John 2:15 Therefore, there is suppose to be a difference in the church than the world. God bless.

  6. Amy says:

    i am so so disappointed with what i found out about gospel singers. i had to decide on another career,after finding out about this Illuminati crap! i rather play an instrument for a church. money is not everything, and this gospel music now sounds more like r&b music. satan is having a field day laughing at his Illuminati little helpers. and his false believers such as psychics, witchcraft folks like masons, eastern stars. This is sad, giving your soul to satan for money.

  7. Amy says:

    My correction word I mean disappointed. Rich people will not enter the kingdom of heaven, for they have had their rich life here on earth. I am happy now that I never got discovered to be a celebrity. I even closed my facebook page account and myspace. Fortune and fame don’t mean a thang. God bless yall for your righteous comments, Amy Kelley

  8. Hi Amy, we are so sorry we are just now responding to your message. God bless you and thank you for your honesty.
    God is going to bless you, because you chose not to follow those who are singing gospel music for money, but you would rather
    choose a career that is not demonically influenced by Satan. Satan is laughing at these gospel artists, because while they are thinking they
    will enter heaven, he knows there place is in hell, if they do not stop being a part of the Satanic Illuminati and acting as though they are born
    again servants of Christ. They are going to get the worst shock when they open their eyes up in hell. God bless you, stay strong and keep reading AT2W blog.

  9. Hi Amy, God is going to bless you for not seeking fame and fortune. He loves it when His children seek Him, instead of being involved with worldly affairs.
    Jesus loves you so much. Be encouraged our dear sister and do not stop serving the Lord and He will indeed bless you.

  10. Amy says:

    To Atoast2wealth staff,God bless you all as well. Some people get angry about the truth being told, but you all don’t mind telling it like it is (Amen) my husband is a Baptist Minister and he was never a Mason like most false prophets. We don’t mind being poor because the real rich life is in Heaven. I love you guys and God bless always, Amy.

  11. Andrew Raymond says:

    God wil take preemimate control over us. amen

  12. NsikakAbasi says:

    It’s shocking reading this piece of article,its very true that Gospel singers these days are deviating from that “path” in which they were meant to walk on. Bt stil, they are good ones lyk Don Moen,I think thats how Gospel songs should look like. Thanks guys 4 the awareness

  13. segment says:

    Money is money you sale your soul or not but let’s roll its down please selling his soul isn’t your problem before you discovered that he is in the industry didn’t he inspire? Am sure he did…these are not the only people who will go to hell even them who aint in the system so long they are not strait definitely they will he is a good guy despite his sale..

  14. Joshua Laryea says:

    please i would like to know all the gospel singers who are in the illuminati..

  15. Kefas says:

    Its nt suprising,his success is suspicious

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