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Greed Dominates The Winans Family & Michael Winans, Sr. & Jr. Faces Criminal Charges Linking to Ponzi Scheme

Since the mid-eighties, the Winans family brought in a different style of gospel music and changed the whole way gospel music artists performed in the church, similar to secular artists.  Many gospel artists began to eagerly desire to share the wealth of what the Winans family was already enjoying through BeBe and CeCe, the Winans brothers (Marvin Winans, Sr., Ronald, Carvin and Michael, Winans, Sr.), the ex-wife of Marvin Winans, Sr., Vickie Winans, Debbie and Angie Winans, then Phase II (the offspring of the Winans brothers, Marvin, Jr., Carvin III, Juan and Michael, Jr.).  Now, two family members of Phase II are signed under the label owned by P. Diddy of Bad Boy records.  Even Marvin Winans, Jr. has changed his contemporary gospel into a more secular style that does not identify with the church, at all.  Church music artists no longer wanted to identify with what they called traditional gospel music, but make quick money and gain profits from the world through their contemporary gospel songs and performances. People began to use the Winans usual excuse whenever church people disagreed with their style, “We want to reach the world“, knowing good and well, by becoming contemporary gospel artists, they were not necessarily out to reach the world, but make the same sort of income like secular artists while sharing the fame.  Growing up in the 1980’s one could go to a church service and began to see amateur artists acting and singing like the Winans family, instead of being themselves, it was so sickening.   No longer was it trying to be like Walter, Edwin or Tramaine Hawkins, but the popular thing was for one to change the way they would dress or style their hair, similar to the Winans family.  So, growing up in the black church during the time of Rev. James Cleveland’s death, the King of Gospel, you would recognize black gospel as hip-hop gospel or gospel jazz music.  Church people felt comfortable to now identify with gospel music and encourage younger generations to make the same sort of money like the Winans family.   Gospel artists made deals with music producers who were managers of secular artists and even made music with secular artists, which made it a billion-dollar industry, is what Pastor Shirley Caesar boasted on a Bobby Jones special, years ago.

Over the years, the Winans family gained so much fame, they made friends with Oprah Winfrey and even have performed on her televised show and in doing so, this caused them to make millions of dollars in record sales.   BeBe Winans, an accused wife beater, although he was acquitted of all charges, was so hungry for more fame, he performed on openly lesbian talk show host, Ellen DeGeneres.   He and his sister CeCe made a comeback, after so many years of retiring from stardom, of course, money helps when you have lost some over the years.

We suppose Michael Winans, Jr. was not gaining enough wealth through his music, so he and his father (Michael Winans, Sr. is pictured in front on the r., photo above) decided to enlarge the Winans dynasty into an illegal multimillion dollar scheme. No longer were the Winans family satisfied with stealing some of the fame from the Jackson family, but they desired to become the black Rockefellers and possibly become billionaires, but they only got over one percent of one billion, stealing money from church people who idolized them who invested over 11 million dollars.  It has been said that bishops, pastors and church members eagerly invested their money into a scam, because the popularity of the Winans family and trusted they would receive double money return, in 60 days.

One witness say he saw Michael Winans, Jr. driving around the neighborhood in a Maserati.  Where is the deceased gangster from who was famous for the name Maserati Rick?  From the heart of Detroit Michigan, the home of the Winans family.  Detroit has a history of scam artists like Maserati Rick, a drug dealer who was famous to be able to drive the first Maserati as a black man.   No doubt, the Winans family wanted to get to that financial level of the notorious dead drug dealer.   So sad, on TBN David “Pop” Winans continuously boasted and shouted out he raised his kids right.  What would he say now?  If he were alive, would he cover up or would he publicly shame his offspring for what they have done to people and to their family name?  Even more so, what is Deloris “Mom” Winans saying about her offspring?   Would either of them be proud that Michael Winans, Jr. got a chance to illegally ride in a Maserati like Rick Maserati?

You can see all the details on the Winans Ponzi scheme here, here and here, for yourself.  As you’ll hear one lady admit, there have been several people homeless, all because they invested into this Ponzi scheme and she even admits they all trusted them, because of their legendary family name.

AToast2Wealth.com journalists are comparing Marvin Winans, Jr. and his followers as Billionaire Boys Club wannabes.  You remember the young white coeds who got people to trust them with millions of dollars to invest into some billion dollar Ponzi scheme?  It seems to us that the Winans family just have not tried to model after the famous Jackson clan, but also they wanted to go down in history between the Rockefellers and the Billionaire Boys Club.  Read here about the Billionaire Boys Club.  There has even been a movie released about these guys back in 1987.

We feel like the Winans family’s name has gotten so great, they felt they were above the law, which is not a good sign representing the black church and the gospel music industry.  Now, they can say they not only have enjoyed the wannabe lifestyle of the Jackson family, but also Detroit native, Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick who is now facing more jail time.

Special thanks to GospelLyfe.com for first breaking the story.