Who Killed Up and Coming Hip-Hop Diva Yolanda “La La” Brown?

The question we journalists of atoast2wealth.com are asking is who murdered this upcoming star and Hip-Hop Diva Yolanda “La La” Brown, only 21  years old, including her boyfriend, 22-year-old JeTannue “Kool Aid” Clayborn who managed her music in his Milwaukee studio.   The couple also lived, Loud Enuff Productionz, in the 5500 block of W. Lisbon Ave.  About a week earlier, someone had burglarized the studio and taken equipment, including keyboards, speakers, a microphone, computers and a mixing board.

Last night on America’s Most Wanted, we heard about this murder which occured in October of 2007.  Clayborn’s brother claimed he smelled an odor on the way in to check on the victims and when he kick down and entered the door of the studio, there they both lay dead, together.  Another witness at a beauty salon where La La Brown used to get her hair done said she admitted someone was crank calling and harassing her; the stylist, said she admitted to having death threats on her life.

What could have caused enemies of La La Brown to do such a trecherous thing, we do not know, but this shocked all of our journalists that a thing like this should happened at a time in the 21st century.  It seems like such hatred among African Americans should have stopped by now, but evil still prevails in the hearts of many people of color.   This is just one of tons of stories that reveals to us that color racism is definitely not the blame for genocide and color has nothing to do with malice.

May both of these deceased victims, Yolanda “La La” Brown, 22-year-old JeTannue “Kool Aid” Clayborn R.I.P.