How to Get Out of a Relationship with a Married Man

rich_woman_earns_six_figures0900Sadly, many children are an offspring of something that is not their fault and are labeled a love child.  Sometimes, they grow up carrying guilt and shame that has nothing to do with them.  If you are in a relationship with a man (or woman), it is not difficult to just walk away and definitely, if he refuses to be with you and the child (or children) you discreetly bore.  This negatively affects the child when he or she grows up, they cannot trust a man or woman in a relationship and possibly or afraid of ever getting married, if they possibly get an opportunity.  Being in a relationship with a married man may seem exciting at first, but it is an extremely painful experience, it not only damages your emotions, but may ruin your body in due time, because of illicit or unsafe sex.  Do you want to get out of your relationship with a married man?  Are you tired of being the other woman in the shadow of your man’s life?  How would you feel, if you were the wife?  Probably, not good at all. Start thinking of yourself, highly above who you are now, a mischievous woman who is part of the cause of such friction among our society of women.  The hypocrisy of feminist movement has existed for too long.

There are many women who may claim to be a part of the feminist movement, but do not consider how they offend another woman, even when she sleeps with her man.  The cheating man is not the only one at fault, women have a great responsibility for the emotional distress they cause wife or even a girlfriend (although not married it is wrong for a woman to sleep with another woman’s boyfriend or fiance).  For years, on talk shows like Oprah, women have proudly boasted about women uniting and not taking any mess off of men who cheat or abuse them, but hardly ever blames the other woman as much as they do the promiscuous man.  There has always been fake unity among the majority of women who know deep within themselves, their pain just does not come from a cheating spouse or boyfriend, but from another woman who degraded the race of women by lowering her dignity to have sex with her man.

having_a_discreet_affair_with_married_manIf the man you are discretely having an affair with is financially supporting your rich lifestyle, then obviously this is the reason for you to let go, not necessarily because you love him. Do you think you are in love with this married man?  No, you are in lust with him. The first moment you laid eyes on him, something about him looked good to you, his eyes, his slick wavy hair, his blue eyes, his physique, it was something that caused you to yearn to be sexually intimate with him.  Now you may say no, it was his charm, money or status, whatever it was that made you desire to sleep with him, it was not because you loved him.  Most people make the mistake of confusing love with lust, lust is a feeling that does not last, love is a commitment and a spiritual bond that last, forever.  Love does not steal another person’s bond in another relationship, although there seems to be a broken union and if there is a broken union with between the man you are cheating with and his wife, you are disrespecting yourself by disrespecting he and his wife by stealing their time to heal their marriage.  If you love yourself as a woman, reveal your dignity and let go of your discreet affair, because if you refuse to, you will have to reap what you sow and possibly later on, will experience what his wife is enduring, severe emotional distress and flashbacks of how you were once on the other side of the adulterous situation, the mistress.  However, if your heart is right, it is never too late to confess your regret, so hopefully, you will never have to endure the pain you inflicted on someone else.

CBR001135You will never be happy in your life until you admit you are wrong and realize there is no happiness with sleeping with a married man.  Marriage is sacred and if you disregard the importance of holy matrimony between a husband and wife, you will definitely be miserable for the rest of your life.  Does it seem hard to admit you are wrong? Regardless if the married man told you the truth about being married or not when he met you, it is wrong to have an affair with a married man or woman.  Your excuse maybe he lied to you and you should have a right to proceed with the affair, you are the same sex and his spouse is not satisfying him or their spouse caused him or her to run to you, you had him first and he married the wrong person, for whatever reason, you feel you have the right to proceed with an affair with this man or woman, you are wrong and later on in life, you will regret it, if you do not break up with the person.  Realize the more time you waste with this man, you could have enjoyed your life better as years go by.  If you feel as though this man will marry you or possibly he has already proposed, it is a guarantee you will always suspect him of cheating on you.  Why? Because now you are the wife and you did not meet him the correct way.

get_your_life_back0092Perhaps this man has made you feel special, something you have lacked all your life, from a child you may not have had a father to tell you, you were beautiful or how special you were.  Possibly, your father may have lied to your mother and you have no regret of another man lying to you or even his wife, because you are angry.  If so, let go of the anger and love yourself and show this man you think highly of yourself, so much, you will no longer disrespect his marriage.  He maybe giving you nice things, expensive things you cannot afford to buy for yourself or possibly, his sweet soothing words are worth more than emeralds and you just cannot let him go, because he makes you feel like a princess.  No matter what this man is giving you, he could never afford to give you real love of another man who is unmarried and prepared to meet a decent woman.  When you start believing you are priceless, then he will realize you are too good for him and what he gives you could never be enough to give you complete happiness in life.  A decent woman would choose to find a way to buy herself nice things, instead of taking gifts from a married man who should be only giving to his wife.  Then, if he is not giving you anything, but sweet words, you can speak to yourself better than a cunning man who is speaking those same words behind your back to another woman, including wife.  Will you be that decent woman and do what is right and search your soul?

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