Ex Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick-King of Lies Back in Court

Here he  goes again! The infamous ex-Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick was in court recently about his finances.

He apparently has several loans out with individuals that total up to $250,000 since he has been out of prison.

Kilpatrick was ordered to court in Wayne County for his restitution hearing regarding questions about his finances. The state claims they have proof that Kilpatrick and wife have moved funds from several accounts but they argue the bank accounts records are incomplete.

Kilpatricks attorneys did not want him to take the stand and to plead the 5th Amendment. The judge in the case, Judge Groner denied  the request and said the 5th Amendment could not be used in this case and ordered Kilpatrick to the stand.

Kwame Kilpatrick must think the judge is not mindful of his lies in the past when asked if he used city funds and phones to make text messages, phone calls and hotel stays with his former chief of staff Christine Beatty in the 2007 whistle blower case involving the Detroit police dept.

The Judge asked specific questions about his rent and what he pays per month. Kilpatrick stated he didn’t know the amount of the rent because he doesn’t pay the rent. He stated that his wife pays the rent (after he was without words and his attorney couched him).  He claims he’s never seen a lease agreement for their home in the affluent suburb of Southlake- a North Dallas c0mmunity in the state of Texas.

Kilpatrick is making a whopping $10,000 per month not counting commissions. He says his wife does not work and wasn’t sure if she worked while he was in jail.

What?!! What kind of fool does Kwame think the judge really is? What about the public? Does he think we believe anything he says?!!

He apparently owes $650,000 in attorny’s fees and received a loan from several prominent sources from Detroit totaling $240,000.

The State alleges that Kilpatrick cut his restitutional payments in half without getting approval and that was a violation to his probation. He paid $3,000 in September and it should have been for $6,000 plus it was a day late.

The courts are being very harsh with Kwame which I really do not blame them at all. He is very cunning and thinks because of his family’s status and position in the political arena in Detroit and Congress, he can do whatever he wants. This is why he always has a ‘smug’ expression on his face.

Kwame Kilpatrick will return to court on Nov. 17th.