10 Steps To Avoid Homelessness and Become Rich

homelessness_women_009These 10 steps will help you if you are homeless and even help people who are just a few steps from being homeless.  In this critical time of our recession, there are millions of Americans who are suffering from homelessness.  It is very difficult to comprehend why most of the times, family or the church will not help homeless people.  Many people are turning to dangerous lifestyles, in order to survive living on the streets, illegal negotiations.  People who desire to work cannot find any positions and if they do, they do not pay enough for rent, food and bills.  Most jobs that are available pay you for part-time work and is a minimum wage job.  A lot of supervisors or employers take advantage of the recession and misuse and abuse their employees, it is not fair.  Many employees who are being underpaid and choosing to work in an unethical environment feel as though they have no control over their lives.  People of all ages are homeless, not just because of this recession, but because they refuse to be mistreated on the job and it is very difficult to find a very lucrative position that pays well and gives you the respect you deserve.  Here are ten important steps to come out of homelessness and become rich and when you read them, just take action and live your life to the fullest.

  1. First, if you are homeless, you should focus on elevating your mind.  No matter how long you have lived on the street, you can rise beyond poverty.  People have been homeless since biblical times and they have always been mistreated by society, family, including the church.  Just because you are homeless does not mean, it is the end of your life.  You maybe very cold, dirty and catching a bad cold on a daily basis, but the key of overcoming homelessness, is spiritually focusing on empowering yourself, no matter who turns up their nose at you, looks down on you or thinks you will never avoid homelessness.  The key to the obstacle of being homeless is faith, regardless of having nothing.  Faith works and acting out on faith without anything is a miraculous force within you.  You must believe you will overcome being impoverished in your predicament.  How can you possibly focus beyond your predicament? It is a known fact that whatever you believe will control your life.  If you desire faith, you must desire God to rule your life and when doing so, the level of your mind is beyond your personal dilemma.  You can do the impossible, even as a homeless individual.  Realize God has made you rich, although in this world you are temporarily poor.
  2. Vision is very important to avoid homelessness.  Do you have a vision? When you get a chance, go to your nearest library and go into a private desk, find a pencil and paper and write down what sort of prosperous goal, you wish to fulfill.  Envision yourself living in a nice suburban two story home and driving the most expensive car.  When you have a vision, it is a part of way out of poverty.  If you desire to become rich, then you must have a vision and write it down, always keep it and never let it go.  This is your ticket out of being homeless.  When you write down your vision, create a short term vision, this is your plan to get off the street and then, write down a long term vision, this is the plan to continue to succeed after you have overcome homelessness.
  3. Change the way you think.  If you have thought like the majority of our society, then this is possibly the reason you are homeless.  The average citizen in our American society believes you have to have a college education, before you can earn millions of dollars, this is so untrue. You do not need a degree to become a wealth person.  There are a lot of people who believe that education empowers wealth, but there are people who believe that you empower your wealth, regardless of the level of your education, race, age, gender or even background, these are the people who are most happy, because they live their lives based on elevating their belief system beyond society’s expectations.  Society expectations limits your success and prosperity, you do not want to be like everyone else, start being yourself and choosing your wealth based on your own expectations, and it is guaranteed, you will overcome your situation.
  4. Encourage yourself.  Regardless of being homeless, you need to encourage yourself.  No matter how hard it gets, you need to speak faith to yourself.  If you remember the movie Will Smith played in, “Pursuit of Happyness”, Chris Gardener had to encourage himself.  Speak to yourself and tell yourself, you will overcome homelessness. You may not know how, but continue to encourage yourself and when do, love yourself.
  5. Loving yourself is very important, if you are homeless.  A lot of times, you may hate yourself, because everybody is looking down on you, as if you are nothing.  The reason why you may not love yourself, is simply because people have turned you away and even worse, the church.  When people turn you away from the church, sometimes you feel like dirt.  Then, you become bitter and feel like God does not love you.  Why? Because the church and the people who operate within, represent God or they are suppose to do so.  There are many churches who do not have homeless shelters and do not deal with people like you, but do not hate yourself or God, because of it.  People disrespect and mistreat the homeless, because they really do not know God and eventually, they will reap it.
  6. Take Action.  How can you take action to get out of being homeless? It is not easy, but it can be done.  When you wrote down your short term, it should have been written down something like this:
  • How I am going to start earning money to get out of homelessness.  Go to Traveler’s Aid to see if I can get vouchers for a hotel room. (Note: Traveler’s Aid is an organization that assists homeless  people with hotel vouchers and money for a Greyhound bus ticket to go live with family, if possible or low income residents with money for rent.) If you do not have family do not worry,  check with Traveler’s Aid to see, if they will provide hotel vouchers.  When getting a hotel room, you can take a nice shower or bath.  Then you can search through the local yellow pages (usually available in your hotel room and make calls to various places to apply for a job.
  • When seeking for a job and you are fortunate to get a temporary hotel room, leave during the day and go to your library and type up a resume.  If you do not know how to do it, search for a manual to help you format a resume.  A resume is representation of yourself, to help show your potential employer can handle any position, they offer.  Note: Usually, the library may charge a little money for a resume.  If you do not have money, you can fax it over the internet for free.  However, if you can get some change to print a resume for your potential employer,  it would be better, because you will hand it to them on your interview.
  • If you get an interview, present yourself the best you can.  If you have no clothes to wear, visit          our local Salvation Army and usually, they will provide you with clothes to wear.

homelessness_men_009The rest of this short term goal would be written according to what you think is a best strategy to get you out of your homeless situation. Then just keep taking action.  A lot of times, places that  give free assistance for homeless people may give you a bus pass.  If you have a bus pass, you can use it to make it to your job interviews and make it to work, when you find that job.

Last 4 points would be 7-10 continued for prior list:

  • When you look for a job, do not settle for part-time work, because a lot of times especially retail     employers are selfish and will not allow you to find a second job, they expect you to be flexible       and not give you a full-time position.  No matter if you do not have enough experience, you should always search for a position that is going to pay enough money for at least a studio apartment.  A studio apartment is better than living on the street.  A lot of times, you cannot get an apartment based on your credit.  However, a lot of times, if your desired studio apartment is in a low income area, the apartment manager will not check your credit, that’s irrelevant, because they just want to  fill up a unit.  In some metropolitan cities, even studios may cost you a lot of money per month.  However, if you rent a room, at least you will be warm and have a safe place to sleep.  This is your biggest step you make, if you are able to at least get a room to temporarily live in while you are working daily.  No matter how long it takes, do not give up.
  • This 8th step will help you finally settle into a nice place between 6 months to a year.  Even if you open a savings account for $20, never spend it.  Keep adding little by little, even if you eat less.  When you start earning enough money that you have more left over on your paycheck, start saving at least $200 in your savings account.  When you save up enough for first month’s rent and deposit, then you can say hello to your new one or two bedroom apartment.
  • Your 9th step, is to simply remain careful when cashing your paychecks.  Do not over spend the money you have made on your job.  After paying your move-in cost, move in and remain working and see if you can work overtime.
  • Your 10th step is very important, start planning a home based business.  Do not tell anyone at your job.  Employers are against people starting their own business.  When you are indoors you have an advantage to start a business.  See if you can buy a cheap computer on E-bay.  It is not good to rent a computer, because you never own it.  It only takes a few hundred to get a decent computer in working condition.  You may even want to looking into buying a new computer at Wal-Mart, because they always have good sales.  If you can pay your utility bills, then you can start saving for a computer and a low cost internet connection, after doing so, start doing research on how you can start an online business. If you start an online business, you never have to worry about any overhead cost (storage and business space).  This is your long term, you can start writing or typing out your goal to acquire wealth.  You can begin envisioning how you are going to have your suburban home and nice car and when you expect to have it.

Most definitely, this is a blueprint for any homeless man or woman to avoid homelessness.  It may seem very difficult in the beginning, but if you keep the faith, you will no longer be homeless.  It takes faith and having a commitment of focusing on your vision beyond this world and refusing to believe the average person’s opinion.  Many blessings to your success of avoiding your present predicament and may God fill you with prosperity.