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Medical Physicians Oppose Suzanne Somers Newest Book, KNOCKOUT: Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy and Curing Cancer

suzanne_somers_new_book_release_knockout_090KNOCKOUT: Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy and Curing Cancer is Suzanne Somers 18th book release.  Suzanne Somers is doing it again.  You must realize if too many people get well, than a lot of physicians in the medical professions will lose their jobs.  Physicians in Canada and America have always denounced people like Suzanne Somers.  People like Canadian nurse, Rene Caisse who brought Essaic tea to the world in the 1920’s that cured cancer patients.  Rene Caisse tried gave cancer patients and opposed treatments like chemotherapy.  Physicians back in that particular era, and even in the 1970’s tried to stop her, because they would lose money if alternative medicine would cure their cancer patients.  This is absolutely the reason why these health professionals are trying to encourage Suzanne Somers to just stick to being a comedic actress, instead of being a medical advisor to people who are dying of fatal diseases.  They regret Suzanne Somers sharing her knowledge, simply because they realize she is intelligent to oppose their scientific method to treat cancer patients.   However, there persuasion is definitely a waste of time, Suzanne Somers is one among many celebrities who advocate alternative medicine.  Suzanne Somers have spent several years studying disparities in results, higher mortality and more suffering among minorities, poor people and even the uninsured middle class who have hardly any access to conventional medicine.  Suzanne Somers is a smart celebrity who has an honest intent to save millions of lives who should very much seriously choose alternative medicine, which saved her life. For so long, doctors have been extremely controversial to people avoiding radiation and chemotherapy; therefore, their opposition to Suzanne Somer’s new book is nothing new.

Dr. Otis Brawley who rejects Suzanne Somers book is saying alternative medicine does more harm than good, which is absolutely false.  Dr. Brawley is the Chief Medical Advisor for American Cancer (including rofessor of hematology, oncology, and epidemiology at Emory University, medical director of the Georgia Cancer Center for Excellence at Grady Memorial Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia, and deputy director for cancer control at Winship Cancer Institute at Emory University) so obviously, he is going to protect the medical profession and advocate conventional medicine.  Dr. Brawley, like many other physicians are getting paid huge annual salaries and possibly more to be silent about healing remedies.

suzanne_somers_009Suzanne discovered that doctors were wrong, she did not have full body cancer and found a way to prolong her life.  When you read, KNOCKOUT: Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy and Curing Cancer, you will discover why you should do your own research and choose alternative medicine.  Alternative medicine is the best choice, because there are so many people like Suzanne Somers who have tried it.  Possibly, many people who lost their lives to cancer, could have still been alive, if they would have chosen an alternative solution.  This amazing book gives hope to cancer patient.  Suzanne Somers is a breast cancer survivor and is 62-years old.  Listen to Suzanne Somers talk about her medical transformation, here.