Death or Life: Carla Hughes Murder Trial, A Warning to Women


Death or Life: Carla Hughes Murder Trial, A Warning to Women

Read this and read this good ladies, it is very scary watching the trial of Carla Hughes, a very intelligent woman who was a school teacher in Jackson, Mississippi.  She was just found guilty yesterday and now awaiting to hear if she is going to get life or death.  Let me first express my deepest sympathy to her and other women who got caught up serving prison time over a man male who cared nothing about them.  Personally, I am appalled at all the women who were seated on the side of Keyon Pittman in the court room.  I am outraged and refuse to support any woman who opposes the freedom of another woman who was no doubt set up.  It seems as though some women of today will go to any lengths to get revenge on another woman, all because of envy.  Carla Hughes is God’s chosen one.  We journalists of A Toast to Wealth have been following the trial of Carla Hughes and we all say she is innocent.  It offends me to see our sister sitting there, after listening to the smooth cunning words of Keyon Pittman asking her, if they were going to be together, after all the smoke clears.  Obviously, women do get caught up with jerks like this one; however, one reasons why a lot of women like Carla Hughes suffer, is because of the women who are so resentful against successful women do not stand up them.  It is sickening to know we live in a society where women defend abusive men who could be spreading around several sexually transmitted diseases in other women, because you know Keyon did not use safe sex.  His spirit is so foul, he admits he married his wife, not long after the death of Avis Banks and her unborn child.  If you look at Keyon, you will see he is not only extremely unattractive, but he is ignorant of how to treat a real lady.  If he really cared about Carla Hughes, he would have left her alone and just let her live her life, because she was not just helping her students, she was helping women in jail and women who needed to realize they could achieve a degree.

Let me encourage all women not to be a fool just for a 15 minute thrill.  This is the second case this month I have seen a story of a (black) woman who lost her freedom over a man, but the first case the woman was let out on probation, although she got her teaching license taken away by the school board.  All women, read this and read this good, no man-is worth spending time with, unless her first accepts the Lord Jesus as his personal Savior, not connected to any other woman, has a good clean track record.  Do not allow any love triangle or any other form of relationship to get you caught up in a situation like Carla Hughes, Elicia Hughes (another Jackson Mississippi teacher who was first indicted on murder charges over her cheating husband), Betty Broderick or any other woman who got in trouble over a man’s infidelity, it is not worth it.  If other women want to be silly and fight over a man, let her have him.  If a woman wants to defend a man, let her do it, what goes around comes around and that is not just a cliche.   It is better to have your freedom and sanity and let them have their stupidity.  You see, a lot of women get lonely and are afraid of growing old alone.  It is better to be by yourself, rather than serving time by yourself.  Love yourself more than any man or mischievous woman who causes strife.  We may get mistreated, rejected and abused, it is not worth our freedom.  We may get verbally insulted, it is not worth our freedom.  We may get talked about and lied on by the low down women who support these men, it is not worth our freedom.  Let us continue to enjoy this beautiful life God has given us and help and stand behind women like Carla Hughes, Elicia Hughes and Betty Broderick, whether they maybe guilty or not.

Although, Carla Hughes may get life or death, this case is not over.  Keyon Pittman will get found out without a doubt.

The Final Verdict of Carla Hughes here.