21st Century Single Women Can Become Millionaires or Billionaires

atoast2wealth04It is much easier for single women to become millionaires or even billionaires, because they do not have the responsibility to care for a family, especially if they do not have any kids.  In this era of our American society, there are a lot of single women who chose not to tie the knot, either because they witnessed the mother having a bad marriage or just never wanted to be hooked to a spouse.  Single women can easily start their own business and become millionaires.   A very good example of a rich single woman is no other than Oprah Winfrey, a billionaire.  Of course, you do not have to follow her career to become rich.  All you have to do is choose something you really love and make a profit off of it.  It is just that simple, although it may not occur quick.  When you have a big vision, it may take some time to receive your wealth, but the rewards are worth the however long it takes for you to enjoy it.  In this particular era, there ought to be more rich women who are dominating every kind business you can imagine.  Women should admit that they have not been in unity for time now, regardless of all the female empowerment movements.  For some reason, we have divided our gender because of personal prejudices and biases.  This is why many women who could be very rich are not, they have allowed the pain of betrayal and rejection of another female hold back their success.  It could of been painful memories of your mother, teacher or family member who insulted you so much, you feel no way of succeeding as a woman.  Female abusers do not realize how much they have helped male abusers restrained the entire female gender from success.  Regardless of how the majority of women may refuse to unite, you do not have to allow this to halt your future as a millionaire.  Encourage yourself and avoid any negative memories that make you feel you will never succeed.  Keep focused on your vision and do not allow anything or anyone get in the way.  Love yourself enough to empower yourself, even if no one else will follow.  When you empower yourself, the amount of money you earn is infinite.

Every woman who gets married should get a prenuptial agreement.What happens if you fall in love and desire to get married after becoming a millionaire?  Make sure you get a prenuptial agreement, although a lot of women say that they have had not had good rapport with their husbands, afterwards.  However, if they love you, they ought to be able to understand it was for hard for to make your income, all by yourself.  If a man has problems with a prenuptial agreement, then he does not love you, because your marriage is not based on money, it should be focused only love.  Often, it is twisted and men often ask, if it all about love, then why do you need a prenuptial agreement.  Your response should be, “because I made this money when I did not have anyone and because I am business minded, I must be wise”, just that simple.  It should be no further discussion.  Be smart enough to get a prenuptial agreement, because there have been several cases of divorces that ended with a man getting alimony with the acknowledgement that he did not deserve it, this is what happened to the comedienne, Monique.  Do not rush into marriage, whether you have acquired your wealth or have not yet done so.  If you can envision wealth, it is better to protect it, before you can actually receive it.  A lot of wealthy women marry, because they are lonely or have never been married.  It does not matter how old you are, never marry out of loneliness, for recognition or any other reason, because your independence is much better than being miserable, then possibly experiencing difficulty to get out of the marriage.  When you make a lot of money, you cannot afford to make any silly mistakes.  Do not drag any burdens into your future as a rich woman.

You must create a strategic plan to accumulate millions of dollars.  When you choose the sort of business you desire to start, take your time and write or type it out.  Make sure you keep your plan private, so no one will ever discourage you.  Most wealthy people make a business plan and then make sure they complete every step before acquiring their wealth.  Do a Google search on how to write a business plan or go to your nearest library and check out a book on writing business plans.  You need not to be an expert to write a business plan neither do you need a college degree to earn a 6-figure monthly income, all you need it to discipline yourself for success.

Discipline yourself is very important to eventually earning huge sums of money.  Often times, women do not want to spend hours working toward their vision, but it is a fact that anyone must spend long hours working on any business in order to become wealthy.  Remember this, it is better for you to spend hours working on your business and making a lot of money, instead of spending the same hours working for corporate America.  Envision yourself as an independent women, because independent women are the ones who persevere to make their dreams come true, no matter how long it takes or how difficult it may seem.  This is a known fact, spending long hours with your business will eventually pay you far better than an employer.

Whenever you start acquiring wealth, get you an attorney.  Always make sure that your attorney  knows all about your business endeavors, because he or she will be able to settle or dispute any possible legal matters.  Attorney are also good for all legal documents such as copyright and trademark information.  For example, if you are inventing an idea, you should always make sure your attorney handles the process of getting it patented.  When you acquire so much wealth, you should have no trouble hiring the best attorney who has very good profile.

How bad do you desire to become rich? Do you have such a burning desire, you will legitimately do anything to make it happen?  If so, believe your are already a millionaire.  See yourself residing in a suburban home and driving the most expensive car.  You must constantly keep your mind on wealth while working toward your prosperous destiny.  Many times, we as women make the mistake and allow our present circumstance to distract us.  Maybe, you have always lived in an apartment and never had money to buy a home, but do not allow your personal situation of financial lack to distract your vision.  Your destiny will come to you, if you continue to focus on it.  This is the power of becoming rich.

The most richest women in the world became rich off of old money, that is, they did not earn their billions of dollars, like Oprah Winfrey, they inherited it from a fore parent.  This is what is wrong with our society, a there are a lot of people who live their lives based on an inheritance.  Yes, it would be nice to get it, but as strong successful women, it would be nice for us to create our own riches and make the 10 most richest women on a lower level of prosperity.  For those of us who were not blessed with a billion dollar inheritance, we must dedicate our time to grow our business venture.   Just because you may not have been born into a family of wealth does not mean you will not acquire it and because you already see yourself as a rich woman, become very discreet with people, even with relatives.  Often times, as single women, we get so desperate for love and attention from family members that we forget they are not always our best friend.  The closest friend in business is always yourself.  You never disclose our business (plans) with relatives, this is the most biggest mistake, simply because most of them are focused on your earnings and not on you.  It maybe very difficult for you to accept, but your family is sometimes your worst enemy and you cannot ever afford to allow be in their company most of the time.  Even Oprah has shared her experience with greedy relatives and how she has often had to say, “no.”  If you do not want to have to tell them no to share your wealth, then, just simply keep them at a distant, you will be much happier.  Often, you must divorce your family when you are working toward your destiny and if you have already acquired your destiny of extreme wealth.