Two Great Online Business Ideas: Become a Competitor of Ezinearticles or Craigslist

There is one specific reason Ezinearticles and Craigslist dominate and rank very high in the search engines, simply because most people go to for services, instead of becoming their competitor.  Of course, it is a fact that most people have other ways they choose to make money, but for those who always desired to start an article marketing website or classified marketing website, should really think about creating a website that dominates Ezinearticles or Craigslist.  Either one, should not be the 2 highest choices for people to choose for promoting their website and marketing their products, e books or services (like web hosting, web design or any computer tech business).  Although, we have GoArticlescom and who also are very good in promoting articles, Ezinearticles should not be the only article submission service that dominates that market.  Although, say they are the largest article directory on the Internet, it has been said that Ezinearticles is really the one that rank the highest in the search engines.  There ought to be at least 5 or even 10 competitors who have the capability to overpower their search engine rankings.

If you always had an interest to start your own article marketing website, you could make a lot of money.  A lot of people think free article marketing directories do not earn a lot of money, because they are free; however, that is far from the truth, you make money through your affiliate programs and Google Adsense.  You could even attract more traffic by adding a blog or forum.  This is how you can have the potential of earning a six figure income with a free article marketing directory.  You would want it to be free, because if you charged for article submissions, you could never overpower Ezinearticles.  The reason I am encouraging anyone who always desired to start an article submission service to specifically overpower Ezinearticles, is so that people who are looking to submit their articles, will not be bound just to 1 service.  Because Ezinearticles rank the highest in the search engines, the editors unfairly refuse a lot of articles and they think they are the only ones to give people good traffic to their websites and this is not necessarily true, they are not God.  To be more vivid, there needs to be almost as many people who have articles submission sites as there are people who submit to them.  This is not only true for Ezinearticles, but there are other sorts of websites who have not treated website owners fair.  Of course, there are rules and regulations for any web submission service, but it ought to be fair.  Fair, the very reason why you could overpower Ezinearticles.  You could present an article submission service that is fair and then people will obviously choose your service over any other one.

Craigslist is another online service you could look into starting, a classified marketing website.  The reason why Craigslist is always flagging ads or allow their community of readers to flag your ads, is simply because they dominate in the search engines, most people will choose to place an ad in Craigslist, because advertisers get a lot of responses over Backpage, Kijiji, Oodle or any other classified website.  Like with an article marketing website, you could place Google Adsense on your website and make money from that or just simply by offering advertising banners for a monthly cost.  Another idea would be to sell your affiliate products on your classified site.  Make your classified ads service for free, so that you can overpower Craigslist in the search engines.  Over a month ago, I saw someone’s classified site that was a replica of Craigslist, but in my opinion, they will not dominate Craigslist web traffic, simply because they are fee for classified advertisements.  Do not get so desperate for money, you start charging for classified advertisements, you will not make any money and Craigslist will remain a top choice for most advertisers.   Another method to overpower Craigslist, is not to be so strict on flagging an advertisement and do not allow people to do it, no doubt this will cause people to rush to your website and forget about Craigslist.  Another thing, Craigslist has just got more stricter on submissions, at first is was on a few categories that people had to provide a phone number for authentication, now it is for all categories.  What is phone authentication?  You provide a telephone number and when you respond you will have to place an accurate code on Craigslist website, so you will be able to place your ad.  This is takes up a lot of time and advertisers would really prefer to just place their ad without all the hassle.

For either sort of service, you would want to remain a competitor and study and strategy to rank high in the search engines, so you can be another choice for article marketers or advertisers.  You could really make a lot of money, if you chose to dominate either service in search engine rankings, because people get tired of just depending on 1 or 2 choices to get a lot  of traffic to their website.  Lastly, these are just two online business ideas for those of you who really have desired to start the same sorts of websites, all you have to do is just simply take action.   When it happens, please be the first announce it all over the Internet, so people will not only be treated fairly, but they will feel comfortable placing ads or submitting articles on your site without all the hassle.