Rev. Run is The Best Example of a Father For The African American Community

rev_run_rundmcRev. Run (Joseph Simmons), younger brother of Russel Simmons was born Nov. 14, 1964.  He has revealed being an example of a great father on his family show, Run’s House.  He is happily and faithfully married to his wife, Justine.  Justine has her own line of jewelry, Brown Sugar.  Rev. Run fathers 5 beautiful children, Vanessa, Angela, JoJo (Joseph), Daniel and Miley; unfortunately, they lost their daughter Victoria Anne to a birth defect back in 2006, so they adopted their beautiful daughter, Miley.  Rev. Run is an executive of Phat Farm, the business of his brother Russel and Kimora Simmons.  He and along with his entire family has shown African American families can not only unite, but have a strong father to lead and guide them.  Unlike a lot of black men, Rev. Run has not been ashamed to identify himself as a black man, which could be the cause of a lot of failures among various black men of all ages.

rev_run_rundmcA mass percentage of black men are in jail, dead or turned away from the black community.    Often black men maliciously complain that there are no positive examples, but what they fail to realize is that there have been many positive examples and Rev. Run is one of them.  The question is, why do black men still make excuses of not having a father or not ever being around any role models on their personal failures in life?  Why do a lot of them say, race is the blame for the destruction among black people?  It would be better to choose a mentor like Rev. Run, instead of blaming their personal failures on no positive role models or being black.  Rev. Run has been a positive mentor to all black men for a very longtime and has also shown a good example of marrying a positive black woman who is a mentor to all black women; therefore, a lot of times a man cannot be strong, if it was not for a strong woman, Justine (his rib) backing him up.  Rev. Run has not only been popular as a hip-hop artist, but he has been popular as a good Dad and husband.   He has given credit of being a good father and husband to his relationship with God.  He has given God a lot of credit whenever his show, Run’s House has been aired, nationwide.  Unashamedly, he has honored rev_run_justineGod and revealed a commitment to focus on his family, something that is often not seen within the black community.   Fortunately, Rev. Run has been able to avoid  the life of drugs or even death like a lot of rap artists who were fatally murdered (like Jam Master Jay, Jason Mizell, member of Run DMC who was killed in his studio in 2002) or overdosed on drugs.  He has revealed through his spiritual walk with God that you do not have to be an endangered species, it is a choice.  Rev. Run has continued to spread the message of Jesus Christ while enjoying his fortune with his family.  He has been inducted in the the Rock in Roll Hall of Fame.  Daily, Rev. Run gives words of wisdom on his website, Global Grind