Mackenzie Phillips Wants Attention, Some Believe, Some Not…

mackenzie_phillips01841Mackenzie Phillips, ex-child of 1970s show, ‘One Day at a Time’is looking for attention and wants money, after revealing discreet affairs with her father.  For many years, the star was always seen in public with her father.  On Oprah, as she read out of her book, she often gave body language similar to when she came out years ago, confessing she was on drugs and told how she talked to herself and responded to her television, then realized she needed help.  She was seen looking around and making body gestures like always as a drug attic.  Her body language was a sign of not only being uncomfortable revealing claims of such relations with her deceased father, but trying to believe herself, say a well known psychologist of Hollywood.  Mackenzie Phillips told TMZ, ‘there’s a time for everything.’ In this country, there are women who still think they have stuck together so much, they must stick up for any otherPeople Mackenzie Phillips woman who claims a disguisting affair or anything similar.  However, there are many who say they will not buy Mackenzie’s book, because this is not the first time she has spoken out, only this time she waited until her Dad was dead to admit any sort of discreet encounters.  Her stepmother says, whether true or not, her claims are very hard on the family.  John Phillips was a former member of the famous 60s rock group, ‘The Mamas and Papas’ and was often seen on television with his daughter, Mackenzie.  He always was seen showing support in the height of her career.

However, Mackenzie’s sister, Chynna Phillips will be showing up on Oprah, because she says she believes her, although her stepmother says Mackenzie is not telling the truth and will be on Oprah to prove it.  Chynna is in the midst of promoting her first album, but will make time to support Mackenzie on the Oprah Winfrey Show.

valerie_bertinelli_one_day_at_a_time02482If you notice the other ex-star of ‘One Day at a Time’ Valerie Bertinelli does not come out with claims every so many years.  The two were always like sisters throughout the years and have been close.  Valerie Bertinelli has remained youthful and has not allow the life of fame pull her down.  Valerie Bertinelli has been seen on movies and commercials.