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The Most Wealthiest Couple in Mega Ministry Gets Targeted for New Book 'Warning to Ministers, Their Wives and Their Mistresses'

fred_betty_priceDr. Frederick K. C. and Betty Price have made millions teaching the gospel of prosperity to their flock for years.  In the earlier years of Inglewood, California times were hard and they started their church in a much smaller location.  They were not always rich, but they kept trusting in God and persevered to teach people in the ghetto how to get set free from poverty.  Over years time, they began to grow their ministry into a worldwide television network.  Dr. Fred Price spoke about in their earlier years, they both worked hard on their jobs while raising their children.  Dr. Frederick Price has now passed down the position as pastor to his son, Fred Price, Jr. as he has been officiated as the Apostle.  A few Sundays ago, Fred Price, Jr. angrily lashed out on someone who had written a comment on Essence blog regarding his mothers book, accusing the couple of obscuring Dr. Fred Price discreet affairs with women.  The woman lied and said she knew of the women Dr. Fred Price was seeing in his private time and Betty is putting up with it.  Later on in the program, Dr. Betty Price added to her son’s wrath and said she wants the person who wrote the comment to bring her the women who is supposed to be in an affair with her husband.  Then, when Dr. Fred Price, Sr. got up and spoke, he made the church audience laugh when he humorously made mockery of the person who wrote the comment.  His humor was hilarious, although he appeared serious.

betty_price_warning_to_ministers_wives‘Warning to Ministers, Their Wives and Their Mistresses’ is a book to let each and every person who maybe guilty of being involved in ungodly affairs that they are wrong and they are in trouble with God if they continue and do not repent.  Dr. Betty Price says she was so troubled in her spirit regarding a widespread of married ministers of the gospel enjoying their private affairs with mistresses.  The way she responded when these 2 women admitted to be being mistresses to these ministers just shows and proves she and her husband’s ministry is just not about prosperity teaching, it is about purification and it looks good in the eyes of people who really want to live right.  Dr. Betty Price has been married to Dr. Frederick Price for years and she would be a hypocrite, if she was to write such a book while miserably enduring Dr. Frederick K. C. Price infidelity.  The power to write this book not only shows God she is really concerned, but it shows she does not want those who are holding positions in the ministry like she and her husband to ignore God’s desire for righteousness in the body of Christ and in His Kingdom, it is just that simple.  The book is packed with scriptures and  principles and guidelines and is detailed in spiritual wisdom for those who are guilty of being a minister, mistress or a wife who is accepting infidelity in her marriage or who maybe guilty herself of having discreet affairs with other people.

Furthermore, it would not be fair to continue to take the tithes and offerings away from people while getting rich and continue to preach against people who are doing the same thing you are doing as a minister while committing (adultery) sins of the flesh.

Dr. Frederick K. C. and Betty Price ministry can be seen on Streaming Faith, The Word Network, The Church Channel, Daystar, TBN and many others.  They founded the Faithdome, Crenshaw Christian Center based in Los Angeles, California.  They are the parents of 5 children, 1 went to heaven as a little boy.

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