Why Did Steve McNair Live a Double Life & Offend His Wife?

Steve McNair, the late NFL quarterback  led a double life.  He lived as a family man who faithfully attended church every Sunday with his wife.  It hurts for wives who have experienced being married to a spouse who seemed like an honest man, but died as a man who really openly had affairs.  Believe or not, there are many women who have endured the same miserable feeling of being deceived by their husband and have to live with the memory of how they died in a tragedy with a 20-year old mistress, Sahel Kazemi who was obsessed with him and he was just as guilty for not leaving her alone, including many other star struck women.

Steve McNair and his wife, Mechelle Cartwright seemed in love when they exchanged vows in June of 1997.  He seems like a faithful man ready to be married to the woman of his dreams.  He appears as though their is not a double crossed bone in his body.  They faithfully attended the church of Bishop Joseph Walker III, Mount Zion Baptist Church in Nashville, Tennessee.  The couple’s pastor was always known for preaching about married couple remaining faithful and remained very faithful to his own wife until the day she died.  It is said that Steve always seemed happy with his wife while they are always seen in the public.  As a professed Christian man, whether happy or not, his spirit filled pastor, Bishop Walker always taught sleeping with other women was not an option.  He may have been a NFL player, but he was supposed to be a Christian taught in the Word of God.  There is is no excuse of eddie_george0284temptation when you are in the family of God, so his friend Eddie George cannot continue make this excuse.  It is not only sad how the widow of Steve McNair, Michelle, is left grieving over his death while feeling betrayed, it s also sad that Eddie George instigated during most of his interview on Dateline.  Steve McNair was grinning while making a statement toward the end of his interview that Michelle McNair is living in humiliation.  It is sad how there are friends of unfaithful husband who will defend them, but will have no respect for the widow.  Although an NFL player is idolized by millions of fans and many women would die to be seen with them, the emotional distress of their wives are important.  There are many people who make the mistake of blaming his unfaithfulness on a possibility of his marriage not being a happy one; however, for there are spiritual laws each and every marital partner must follow and this does not excuse any one enjoying a double life and boldly revealing it in public.  There is never an excuse for infidelity and although one maybe in the NBA or NFL, there should be an example for all men see.  No one deserves to die a tragic death, but many times the secret lifestyle of seductive sin leads to destruction and no one exempt when choosing to follow the rest who may not have been caught yet.  It does not matter if he was an NFL player.  His friend, Eddie George made an accuse for NFL cheating on their wives during his interview on Dateline.  It was sickening how Eddie George appeared fascinated with the double lives of  professional athletes.  It was only 1 time he appeared sad when asked, “did he feel lucky, because it could have been him.”

You cannot help but ask questions in regards for his wife and kids: How could this football legend hurt his beautiful wife? How could he secretly share his time with other women in a private condo?  Why was he bold while openly sharing his time with this mistress, even taking her down to he and his wife;s native home of  Hattiesburg, Mississippi?  How could he be willing to consider his kids while spending time with this woman, including many others?  How could he have put down payment on an SUV for his young mistress (although he did continue giving her money to pay it off or put it in his name.)?  Was he ever afraid for his life?  The questions continue and never stop in the minds of millions of people.

When Steve was first met Sahel Kazemi at her job, Dave and Busters in Nashville, she was one of many other women, although he spent a lot of time with her.  His double lifestyle did not have to be the cause of his life ending in tragedy, if only he would have made a choice to get help or marriage counseling humbly confessing his secret lifestyle with Bishop Joseph Walker.  Although, he made a huge salary, earn him millions, McNair’s double lifestyle was not enough for him to continue to enjoy his wealth and share it with his wife, Mechelle Cartwright McNair.

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