Foot Fault: Serena Williams Conduct Violation Does Not Stop Her Match With Venus

serena_williams_conduct_violationSerena Williams was charged with a penalty for shouting at a judge and supposedly calling her out of her name.  Her victory was given to gave Kim Clijsters a 6-4, 7-5 victory in their semifinal match, which had been delayed 32 hours because of rain.  It all started because Serena’s foot was behind the line when serving the tennis ball.  Serena claimed that the judge falsely accused her of cursing and threatening to shove the tennis ball down her throat.    One judge says for what ever reason Serena’s anger should have never got out of hand.  Serena said she never said those threatening words and the judge lied.  Serena said the judgement is unfair.

Now, could this accusation be, because Serena, along with her sister Venus have been winning games, back to back for a longtime and someone was just hoping to stir up malicious confusion?    For this reason, Venus and Serena Williams have been a power pack and are difficult to beat.    The duo have been playing tennis since the days in Compton California when their father, Richard Williams first taught them how to master the game.  They both have continued to exercise their strengths while always on the court.  The Williams sisters are devoted Jehovah Witnesses and were taught to keep the faith, regardless of hardships.  They even continue to win several championship games after the tragic death of their sister, Yetunde Price, 31 who was shot and killed by a Southside Crips gang member in 2003 and bravingly faced the killer in court with words.  Serena was has ignored an insane German stalker as her father fears for her safety; Serena has acted as though nothing happened and the stalker has been arrested.  So this reveals Venus and Serena Williams cannot be beat, although they gave Serena Williams points away.