Rest In Peace Dominick Dunne: King of Power, Privilege & Justice

Dominick Dunne: 1925-2009


Dominick Dunne left us with memories of his show Power, Privilege and Justice, but Dominick Dunne was also a man who wrote of man best-selling novels and covered the most celebrated trials of over the last 20 years for Vanity Fair, the Menendez Brothers, O.J. Simpson, and most recently, 60s rock ‘n’ roll star, Phil Spector.  He graduated at Williams College in New York City and became the floor manager for many famous theatrical shows.  His good friend was the late famous actor,  Humphrey Bogart. He later became the Vice President for Twentieth Century Fox.  He became friend with a lot more actors and actresses: Natalie Wood, Michael Caine, Frank Sinatra, Elizabeth Montgomery, Rock Hudson,  Dennis Hopper and Mia Farrow and saw many great people of the old and new Hollywood: Truman Capote there, Jane Fonda, Carey Grant, Joan Crawford, David Niven, Bette Davis.

He overcame a life of drugs and alcohol.  Years later, he also overcame the death of his daughter, Dominique who was murdered by her boyfriend and this is what sparked his career of a writer and talk show host, presenting many tragic stories of the rich and famous.