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  • Juanita Bynum II Ceases 2009 with Dedication to Women in Prison

    Juanita Bynum II Ceases 2009 with Dedication to Women in Prison

    dr_juanita_bynum_prophetess_ministry2802Dr. Juanita Bynum II ceases 2009 as she enters 2010 dedicated to women in prison.  Dr., Prophetess Bynum II reveals her love and consideration for those women who are serving time for committing the worst crimes.  She passes on the mantle of prayer to those women who may feel hopeless and people within society have not shown them any mercy.  Dr. Bynum II really reveals her compassion to women incarcerated as it is seen on this video on her website.  As we leave 2009, there are many women who have not seen a similar image of to this Godly woman within the supposedly family of God, because of their personal prejudices against those who have gone astray.  We can expect men to degrade us, but when women hear harsh criticism from other women who prejudged them based on what someone else has said or their own misconception, they fail to acknowledge, they have already placed those women in a spiritual prison.  Even more so, instead of powerfully empowering other women who have made mistakes in life or even those who have led unfavorable lifestyles, they proceed to emotionally damage their reputation and deviously lead a multitude of others to join their devious tactics.  Dr. Juanita Bynum is one of the few African American women (in the ministry) who speaks into the souls of these women in prison and lets them know they are special, regardless of who has rejected them.

  • How to Beat the Recession and Change Your Career for the Money

    How to Beat the Recession and Change Your Career for the Money

    career_success89898A lot of people like Oprah will say, “don’t do it for the money”, but these days times are so hard and it is very difficult to make money from your passionate career choice, you do have to look into choosing another option for financial success.  In this recession, if you know of a career that is going to bring in a lucrative stream, do it.  It is no longer important to choose your passion as a way to gain a good income, but you can keep your passion and as your second stream and have even more money coming in when the economy starts to get better.  Money not only helps you to live a comfortable lifestyle, but money helps you to remain in good health.  So, please be smart and look into a lucrative source that will help you avoid this recession.  Do not look over this article and continue to live in financial debt.

  • China Executes a Citizen of Britain for Smuggling Drugs

    China Executes a Citizen of Britain for Smuggling Drugs

    akmal-shaikh_executed_in_chinaThe Prime minister of Britain condemned China for giving Briton Akmal Shaikh execution for smuggling drugs.  “I … am appalled and disappointed that our persistent requests for clemency have not been granted,” Prime Minister Gordon Brown said. “I am particularly concerned that no mental health assessment was undertaken.”    However, the Chinese government defended their decision to execute Shaikh, which was stated by the Chinese Embassy in London, England.

    The Britain citizen was convicted of carrying up to 4 kilograms (8.8 pounds) of heroin at the Urumqi Airport in September 2007. According to Chinese law, 50 grams (1.76 ounces) is the threshold for the death penalty. 

  • Say Bye Bye to Tyra Banks Talk Show

    Say Bye Bye to Tyra Banks Talk Show

    tyra_banks_showTyra Banks is making the press aware that after 5 years of being a talk show host, she is moving on.  She claims she is going to bring positive images of women as a film producer.   She also says Tyler Perry and Oprah Winfrey encouraged her to become a film producer to bring change on the big screen.  Hopefully, their encouragement will make Tyra Banks a far more better film producer than a talk show host, because although she attracted a lot of viewers, their was not so many that supported her show and those are women who feel Tyra failed them when it came to certain topics.  Furthermore, on more than one occasion, Tyra Banks was seen taking sides against another woman while supporting an opposing female guest, possibly for her own personal reasons.  This caused a lot of division among certain groups of women. 

  • Northwest Airlines Failed Christmas Day Terror Attack

    Northwest Airlines Failed Christmas Day Terror Attack

    Just when we thought we could relax on the of the Lord,  Christmas Day, here goes another terror attack attempt.

    On Christmas Day, a 23 year old Nigerian male suspect named Abdul Mudallad stated that he was following orders of the al Quaida leaders to start fire or ignite a imflammable device on board of Northwest Airlines flight 253  carrying 278 passengers. Mudallad was identified as being on the U.S. database of suspected terrorists, though he was not on the ‘no fly list’.

  • Chris Brown’s Twitter

    Chris Brown’s Twitter

    Ok, all of you Chris Brown fans. I know not everyone is a fan of CB but you have to give the guy some credit for trying to make a comeback!

    It might have been just too soon since some stores don’t want to carry or feature his new album, “Graffiti”.

    Whatever the case, there is still an enormous buzz about Mr. Chris Brown and its undeniable.  So much so that his twitter account says so.

    Check out what’s new at: Chris Brown Twitter

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